If Winter Comes, Can “HIGHING Spring Fun” Be Far Behind?

In 2018, TryFun participated in the "HIGHING Carnival" in a special way

6000 square meters of immersive exhibition area

4 large situational experience area

Hundreds of hot spots

Every photo you took here is good enough to post online

TryFun showed off its edges in the exhibition.


A dreamy erotic journey designed with care,

making people blush

A touch of peach, gentle and healing 



Entering the peach-colored co-branded area of TryFun SCREW,

scarlet light triggers endless reverie

There are global limited edition of peach SCREW dolls

and TryFun Peach masturbation cups

making art sexy

making lust cute

Pink city, girls paradise 



Hundreds of square meters of interactive space

with pink and white as the base tone,

theres a large installation art full of elements about TryFun

Mysterious armament starts at a touch



The mysterious black box

tempting people's curiosity and desire

Carefully inserting one's hand into the black box,

lust becomes visible

secret thoughts are uncovered

Sleepless supermarket, selling lust 



This is a supermarket that is only open for three days

Only desire is displayed on shelves

All the TryFun products + co-branded condoms of TryFun and HIGHING

allow everyone to explore in the sleepless supermarket as much as they want

In this exhibition

TryFun encouraged more people to break the taboo and explore to their heart's content

in a more positive and fun way