TryFun: Sex Life Report of Post-80s & 90s in China

As the first post-00s make it to adulthood, post-80s and 90s who used to be ignorant have already become the backbone of Chinese society. Being young and of an exploring mind, they look for the most comfortable way to get along with themselves under siege of their work and family.

TryFun always think of how to be an ally of the youths. To achieve this aim, TryFun randomly surveyed 4000 users. Combined with big data, TryFun made an in-depth investigation on it through scientific methods and ended up with Sex Life Report of Post-80s & 90s in China, which reveals contemporary youths’ secrets of their happy sex life. 

The precise and objective data of this report witnesses China’s sex attitude trend from budding to awaken as well as reflects the conflicts between Chinese youths’ conservative and open minds. It illustrates the change of post-80s, post-90s, male, female and family’s idea about sex in a comprehensible way.

Seven keywords are abstracted from this report and interpreted in depth as follow. 

The peaceful post-90s

    Although it will be the “golden age” of post-90s in the next decade, the post-90s in this passionate age appear to be quite peaceful. They resign themselves to their fates even if it’s about sex.

    There are more single and unmarried people in post-90s , and nearly half of them don’t have sex. However, it is the attitude that contemporary people don’t settle for sex.

    For their predecessors, post-80s, people who have sex over twice a week in average account for 40%, who are definitely seasoned.

    Players in Chengdu

      Maybe the stress in real life is too high for people in megalopolises to “play stably”, people in second and third-tier cities are are more satisfied about their sex life than them.

      People in Shenzhen know how to balance the work and sex, while people in Beijing and Shanghai find it difficult to balance them. People who have most happy sex life are in Sichuan and Chongqing.

      “Game of throne”

        There’s an old saying, power is the aphrodisiac of men.

        The report demonstrates that the proportion of people who have sex at least once a week of the leadership is larger than of the bottom, no matter in businesses, enterprises or government departments.

        Only 50% housewives have sex once a week or more often, which is below occupational average. Sex life of students is also with low frequency since they are mostly single or limited by their conditions.

        The more you earn, the better sex you have

          In the past, the motivation of earning money is dream, but nowadays, it’s probably a better sex life.

          The reports shows that the frequency of sex is proportional to family income. The higher the income, the more frequently people have sex. Nearly 70% of people whose monthly family income are beyond 20,000 can have sex at least once a week.

          The joy of toy

            Contemporary youths tend to improve their sex life by toys, unlike their parents’ generation.

            It is reported that post-80s and 90s are major buyers of sex toys. Most users of sex toys live in provinces of great popularity, who are probably male under 35 years old. Over half of them are married and have children, who are workers in the middle or bottom of the company, facing economic pressure from the family.

            On their way to sexual satisfaction, there are huge difference between females and males. Females prefer massagers to please themselves while males buy condoms for their lovers apart from masturbation cups.

            It’s a compulsory course for young men to arm themselves with tools before they have sex.