We Made a Sexy Comeback to Shanghai


Sorry for keeping you waiting.

NetEase TRYFUN now makes a strong comeback to Shanghai International Adult Products Industry Expo.

We will unprecedentedly take part in two expos at the same time

opening the door to a new world of love and pleasure for you.



The adult products exposition comes as scheduled.

We had TRYFUN Street in 2018 and Sex Evolution Fashion Show in 2019.

In 2021, we will present you a new world of sexual aesthetics – TRYFUNLAND.


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Come and explore our novel products

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Take pictures in our fashionable venue

We are devoted to selling fun.

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Sex Toy Trendsetter – TRYFUN

Let’s joint hands to make a better tomorrow.


It has been 4 years since the launch of TRYFUN in 2017.

During these 4 years, we have always stayed true to our mission.

We always have romance, passion and tenderness

We also have fun products, fun designs and fun experience


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In the future, we will continue to provide users at home and abroad

with professional, safe, and interesting products of "physical and mental pleasure"

through insights into consumer sentiments in the post-epidemic era.



We will strive to grow into the global leading sex toy brand,

while encouraging people to express their curiosity

about fondness of and demand for sex products.

We will always be here for you.

Unleash your pleasure, lust for life.



Three-days Expo for three-days fun

For those who have missed out on it,

click on the video below to experience it now!

Do you like our performance at the adult products exposition this year?

If you were the curator, how would you like the show to be?